30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Day 19 & 20: Touch and Person I’m grateful for

Hey guys!

I fell behind again. Sorry…I really don’t have a good explanation as to why I missed yesterday except for the fact that I wanted to rest.

It’s no excuse…but, with a work week that started on Sunday, two 13 hour work days, and just…difficult work situations hasn’t made a the week easy. Essentially even with Friday off, I just needed Saturday to myself.

Given the prompt for Saturday (Day 19) that’s about a touch that I’m most grateful for, I honestly thought it was an interesting prompt. I’m not one who thinks about the touch too often. So it was a difficult prompt for me, similar to the textures prompt. Too bad this wasn’t the prompt for today, because I would have much to say.

As I recounted my Saturday, there were two things that I can say I was grateful for when it comes to touch. One is food and the other is a keyboard.

Now, hear me out for a second. Despite the fact that it’s a 180 degree difference, I’ll explain why. I was thankful for food because my hands touched a few things that I enjoyed eating. From taquitos to chicken, I definitely enjoyed what I ate. On the other hand, a keyboard is something I’m grateful for because these days, technology is at a place that without a keyboard, it’s difficult to utilize a computer. Even with a tablet, I find that a keyboard is incredibly useful. Even now, I’m using one with a tablet. So for yesterday, I feel like with my fingers, these are the two things that I’m grateful to touch.

For today, the prompt is the person I’m grateful for. This one is hard, because it’s a group of people who I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for my family because they’ve always supported me and gave me truth when I needed it. Sure there are difficult times as there is with any family. However, I find that my family has been there through thick and thin. You all know that recently (a little more than a year ago), I moved away from the college town that I had lived in for over a decade and instead moved  closer to home. I have to say, best decision ever. While a tough decision, it was one not made lightly, but one that many didn’t agree with. It was interesting, since it wasn’t their decision and it was one that I found to be adequate. It wasn’t even a job related thing. It was friends and mentors who think that my life was going in a different direction. For me, if it was it was…but it wasn’t like I was leaving them. It was all too weird..and let me say, with the amount of technology that we have in our day and age, the reasoning behind why I ought to stay was stupid. I know a lot of this doesn’t make sense at all. However, to me, it not only makes perfect sense of their own stupidity and emotional wreck less ness, but essentially their allegiances are only to themselves and not to others. Pure and simple. So even through that, I leaned on family. I remember crying my eyes out to my sister, when I told her what I endured from those “friends” and “mentors.” It was one that she not only understood but supported me through. My parents and extended family members, while they may not know the full story, they were supportive of me moving closer to home and the much needed family time that I missed throughout the years.

I’m grateful for it as well. Despite moving up north, I know that even on breaks, I can see myself coming down to not only visit, but to spend time with them. In addition, even after the one year, I already am planning on finding MSN/DNP programs that are in the Bay Area or online programs from prominent schools (i.e. Schools that I know…not schools that I don’t and aren’t accredited). I am finally settling down, and for me, it’s something I am grateful for, especially through what I’ve endured over the years. What I thought was good, was actually harmful, and what I thought was beneficial, was twisted lies. However, I’m grateful that after all of that, who do I have beside me? It’s family. And for that, I’m grateful.

All right guys, tomorrow is Monday, and boy do I perceive it to be a manic Monday. I’ve told my bosses last week that I’ll be quitting as I transition towards being a full time nursing student. Here’s to telling staff….and boy…this is going to get interesting..let me tell you.


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