30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 21: Song I’m grateful for

Hey guys!

Happy Manic Monday. I don’t know about you, but my perception that today would be incredibly busy, was one that was slightly not as busy, not as crazy, and not as drama-full as I expected. How was your Monday? The only reason for why it’s not as busy is because here in the US, we’re rounding the corner towards Thanksgiving holiday, and many are actually out of the office.

So today’s prompt is the song I’m grateful for. Being a music junkie, I’m thankful for many songs. From classical to soundtrack to punk to rap, finding a song that I’m grateful for is quite hard.

I remember in one of my most vulnerable moments, I remember that “Only Human” was a song that I heard on Spotify that I listened to for quite some time. Certain Christian songs like Cornerstone and Tell Your Heart to Beat Again. When I was angry, Fight Song was my jam. So it’s hard to personally think of one exact song that I’m grateful for.

I can say that if anything, I’m thankful for song, because in the good and bad times music seems to be a relief for the soul. In the good times, a good song can be incredibly great in keeping that same happy happy feeling. In the bad times, songs can bring a sorrowful soul to a place of encouragement, hope, and peace. Then again, it can also make a person emo as well depending on the types of songs one listens to. The thing is, I’m always thankful for music because it’s something that affects the soul. While not a great instrumentalist or vocalist (which I leave to the professionals), I’m grateful for music. Always loved it and always will.

So there it is guys! A few more days till the end of the challenge. Let me know your thoughts about the 30 day challenge, whether you like the challenge, if you’ve ben following along and figuring out different ways that you’re full of gratitude, and what would be a great 30 day challenge to do next.

See you all tomorrow!


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