30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 28 (Home stretch): Small Thing can be Great Things

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! The last day of the holiday for most of us…and the reality hits that tomorrow, it’s back to work!! >_<

I hope everyone has had an awesome time with family and friends…for those who work, I hope it wasn’t too bad for ya’ll, I’ve heard some rather horrendous stories and nearly got hit by a driver who decided they’re going to go on the opposite side of traffic today…yeah….I don’t know what to say to that really….I mean…we’re not in a world where we can do everything you know….seriously, woman driver in a late model Civic…driving around who doesn’t care even if she’s driving the wrong way and nearly hit 3 cars….man…I tell you, people these days…

So today’s prompt is :What is the the small thing that happened today that I’m most grateful for? I think one small thing that happened today, that was kinda vain, but more of something that I was excited for was that I bought a shirt that was originally priced at $69 at Nordstrom Rack for $0.01. No, that is not a typo..and it’s no after their 30% discount on clearance items…it was truly $0.01. For those of us Americans, that is a penny. Yes, I got a shirt for a penny. This isn’t a steal..it’s a STEAL!!!!

Again, I think it’s something that I think I was most excited about, because you all know me…when I can get something for a deal, it’s often times something that I would say “Worth it!!”

But if I had to really think about the small things that I’m grateful for that happened today, I think it would be having lunch with my grandpa. For many years, that was really hard to do…and the weekly dim sum trips that I had with family were also something that I missed, and recently, being able to do that a lot more often has been something that may seem routine, that I find that I cherish the most. I find that such memories where we get to eat with family to be something that while we don’t get to do often, it’s something that we cherish a lot. I don’t know about you, but when I think about the times when I was busy with other things, I regret the moments that I should have, could have, would have….those moments…those are the ones I find that I regret the most. I can blame a lot of people for that…but in many ways, I can’t really blame that except for myself. Whether I was caught up with work, friends, people….whatever….the fact is, I felt like there were years were I cared more about external people in my ecological model of people who I knew (think of an onion where you’re at the core and it goes from closest people to those you’re aquainted with and within your community whom you’re not too close to) rather than the internal, and for me, that’s something I regret a lot. So when I think about the opportunities to now eat with my family, grandparents, smaller shopping or eating trips, normal things…that aren’t extravagant, I find that I’m grateful for these small moments in life. So if I had to say what I’m most grateful for that happened today, something small, it would be that, a lunch with my grandpa. 🙂

Hope you all are enjoy the last day of the Thanksgiving break.

Here’s to work tomorrow… #Notexcitedforworktomorrow.

Happy Sunday and here’s to winding down the 30 day gratitude challenge. Two days left!


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