30 Day Gratitude Challenge Days 28 & 29: Moments in Time & Family Member Shout out

So…I somehow messed up days 27 and 28…my previous post was Day 27’s prompt, but I entitled it Day 28. So, essentially it’ll be take 2 on Day 28, in that it is day 28, but I’ll be responding to the Day 28’s prompt as well as do Day 29. Sorry guys…it’s been a bit crazy…and yeah…work drama will always be that, let me just say that.

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!

Can I just say that the day you go back to work after a long break is extremely crazy…so crazy that I honestly didn’t have time to blog yesterday. Although, honestly after work, I had a Christmas rehearsal till 11, so in all seriousness, it was a non-stop kind of day. It was a great way to end the day. However, it was definitely a day that didn’t start out as so.

So the prompt for Day 28 (Yesterday) is: The moment this week that I’m most grateful for. Honestly, it’s the start of the week so it’s hard to say. Given that it’s a Tuesday, and this is a prompt for yesterday, I guess I can talk about our Christmas Concert Rehearsal. It’s the first rehearsal…and it’s a lot of moving parts. Being on band, I’m actually not playing and instead, I’m actually doing something that’s unfamiliar to me, while something that I do fairly decent, which is the mic lady. That’s right. For the concerns, I’m on the AV Team. Let me just say….any concert you go to, presentation/conference, music event, performance…whatever…anything that involves sound, a microphone, or screen, it’s all on the team called Audio Visual Team (or simply AV Team). When everything goes right, you hardly notice them. When something goes wrong such as some feedback, no sound, no projection, etc…you’ll see a scramble of people..and that’s when you notice…the AV Team. I’m apart of the shenigans of the AV Team in that I’m running mics to people on stage, to the sound booth for checks…and man, it’s crazy, but I have to say it’s been great to really be apart of what we are doing which is to give a Christmas Concert with music for all ages. The title of the concert is “A Night of Hope,” and honestly, even though it was a crazy rehearsal, I can really see how everyone really is trying their best to really present such a theme in the work that they do. Whether it was running sound, dance, singing, talking…whatever it may be, one can just feel that many are trying their best and giving what they can after a long day at work, who I’m sure…are doing just what I did yesterday — putting out fires and catching up on things that happened the week before. We have 2 (maybe 3?) rehearsals left, so essentially, the madness of this week will continue. If if there’s anything I’m grateful for that’s happened thus far? It would have to be participating in the hecticness of Christmas Concert Rehearsals. I definitely hit my 10,000 steps yesterday.

Today (Day 29; OMG, ONE day LEFT!!!) the prompt is a friend or family member that I’m most grateful for, and I have to give a shout out to my family overall for being so supportive of so many things that I do. I know that when I proposed going back to school, that there was some raised eyebrows…but for them to support and encourage me as I went to work, studied on the weekends, and applied for schools, that’s something that I’m grateful for. If I had to choose one particular family member? Hmm….I don’t know because each has it’s own good characteristics that I find that I love and am grateful for….I guess if I had to choose one, I’d choose my sister. She’s been such an inspiration to me in that she really is going against the grain of what is expected as an Asian American. The stereotypical Asian would become an engineer, an accountant, a lawyer, a doctor, some healthcare person, some finance person…you get the picture. The representation of Asians, let alone Asian American women in the world of art, acting, writing, theater isn’t very well represented, let alone equitable, or even looked highly upon in the world of Asian culture, because it’s hard work with very little success, in which the definition of success to Asians, is the capability to make a lot of money. My sister has so much talent, and to see her work hard in a field she loves, going against the grain of what is “normal” for Asian populations is something that I admire her for. She writes really well too, so for me, there are so many things I’m grateful for her…I mean..besides her talent and going against the grain to act and write, she was there when my life literally was upheveled from what I knew. She was there when she saw me at my worst. She was there when she saw me at my best. How do you not love and be thankful for that kind of person? So if I had to choose one person, which is hard by the way, it would be my sister. 🙂

So there you have it…day 28 and 29….I can’t believe that we are already at day 30 tomorrow…it’s not only signifying the end of the 30 day challenge. More than that…it means…December is coming…winter is coming..and with that…Nursing School Orientation and also the start of Nursing School. O_O…;)




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