Am I or Am I Not? Hmm…

Hey guys!

I haven’t done a make up blog post in quite some time and I wanted to do one where I am going to ask you the question? These are two pictures, taken Monday and Tuesday (i.e. Yesterday)…and let me ask you the question — Am I wearing make up? For those who you who follow me on Instagram (PHPortfolio), you may have seen this picture from yesterday. So…what do you guys think? Can you tell?

Well, if you are interested in finding out….you’ll have to just wait till my next blog post that’s coming out tomorrow….I’ll be doing a 5-5 Make Up Series where I’m using some familiar make up products, but I’ve been also using a new make up product that I recently picked up that has yet made its introduction on my blog….let me just say…I love this product!!!

Hope you guys can tell! If not, it’s ok! Find out in my next post on how to create this no make up make up look. 🙂 Trust me, it doesn’t have to be that complicated…. I honestly used 5 products…in 5 minutes.



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