Death’s Sting: A Life Update

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting often. I had a few posts that I wanted to do, but life has happened and in many ways, it’s been a tough past couple of days and weeks. Perhaps you have seen a previous posting that was a lot more negative than a majority of posts. The fact is this is one that I think will be more somber than most as well.

A lot has been on my mind as of late, and perhaps it’s been events over the past couple of months. Without going into detail, one thing I want to take note in this post today, is the fact that Christmas and the holidays isn’t always an easy time for some. It’s been several weeks since many of you may know abou the fire in an Oakland warehouse known as the “Ghost Ship.” Then, there’s the incidence in Aleppo in Syria. Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Sandy Hook. For me when I think about these incidences and those who lost their lives during this time of year and honesty any time of year, it’s tough. It’s tough because the realization that someone isn’t there for dinner, during the times of festivities, and during gatherings whether its family or friends, its tough.

Death’s sting — as a healthcare professional, or even as a person, it’s factual that we know one is born & one dies. It’s a fact. Yet, death and the passing of one whom we know, whether we are close to them or not, it stings — it hurts someone at the core, it causes grief and sadness, perhaps even moments of contemplation of what life is about. Death does something to all and for me, the recent passing of someone I was close to has been tough in ways that I saw a side of me that I haven’t seen in a while. There’s anger, sadness, despair, and grief all rolled up into one giant ball, and one has to wonder why does it sting.

If you’re a Christian like me, one thing one can note is that death is not the end for those who believe in Christ and have accepted him as Lord and Savior. Yet it doesn’t make it any easier when someone you know passes away. It’s not just me, as a Christian, but isn’t it true that when something like the Oakland warehouse fire, when someone is murdered, when someone’s life ends abruptly from an ailment or illness, or all of a sudden, someone just passes away from natural causes, that it bothers you in a troublesome manner that’s indescribable? The fact is, I find that such moments, even now, as I’m typing this, that death isn’t something anyone can easily accept. For me, the realization that death isn’t part of the original design of things becomes real, because death has caused so much pain.

I’m not going to go on about the arguments that relate to Christianity, as this isn’t a post for that. My argument for such a post, is that Christmas and the holidays isn’t always easy for some. This year’s Christmas for me isn’t an easy one on both sides of the family because on each side, there has been a passing. It’s hard, and I know I’m repeating myself, but I want to share this with you, my readers as to why I haven’t been posting, and just the fact that this is part of my life’s portfolio. Life is filled with ups and downs, and this is one of the low points in my life that I am going through.

The Christmas cheer I once felt from lights, Christmas trees, festivities, celebrations, and gatherings aren’t the same this year for me. Yet, the one highlight I have, is the fact that I have something to hold on to. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a picture of me with a headset on and it’s when I helped out with a Christmas concert and it’s about a Night of Hope. Do you ever wonder why you hope? Just curious…have you ever been hopeful…for something better than what you have or hopeful for the future? What do you bank your hope on on rainy days or storms of life? That’s a great question to really ask yourself, and for me, in such stormy times, I find myself holding on to a hope that is beyond this world. It’s not easy, and it’s certainly easy for me to be angry. It’s easy for me to be sad. It’s easy for me to withdraw from the world and people. Yet, I’m holding on, even if it’s a thread of hope, I’m holding on.

Give me time fellow readers, for I’ll write again, yet during this time, I hope that you’ll understand that it’s difficult to post when I am so emotional and so raw with feelings. People say such is the best time. Yet I find, that it’s a time to do what’s most important which is to be with those you love and to take care of the self.

Happy Thursday to all.


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