Essence Lipsticks: Surprising lip product of 2016

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed your new years and my first ever post of 2017 as part of my Nursing Student series. I also hope you enjoyed my 2016 loves, mediocre, and disappointments as well.

Interestingly enough, January 2017 is my ONE year anniversary of starting PHPortfolio and for those who have been following me, thank you so much for following! Those who have been reading my blog posts, thank you also. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure where this blog site was going to go, except I wanted to start a blog to share about public health issues while also sharing a bit about my life as a journeying student who has been working in public health while also sharing a bit of my loves as well — make up, a bit of fashion, and photography. If you guys read my bio, a portfolio is an artists resume, and I thought what a perfect blog name for me a portfolio of my life professionally and some loves of mine.

I haven’t had much thought about what I want to really take PHPortfolio in its 2nd year, specifically the direction. I want to play around with a schedule, but I know that even that can be touch as a student. I really want to add more photography blogs on here, more nursing student and make up posts. We’ll see where this will go. However, a goal of mine, despite the busy schedule that I will soon be embarking, is going to do 1 blog post a week. I’m playing around with a schedule of each week within the month below:

1. Make Up Blog

2. Nursing Student Blog

3. Planner Series Blog

4. Photography Blog

5. Public Health Blog

So that’s going to be my goal for 2017 is to really structure my blog in such a way where I get to talk about different things that I care about so that I’m not neglecting a topic over another. I love doing certain posts like my make up 5-5 series as well as photography series, but I know that I haven’t talked about public health since the APHA annual meeting and of course, the planner series is something new that I’m doing this year in 2017.

Given that we are in the first week of 2017, I wanted to do a throw back as opposed to a 5-5 make up series blog post on a surprising make up product that I started loving that I normally didn’t like EVER. It’s been a staple for every woman, or at least a majority of them, and it is — LIPSTICK. Another product I absolutely abhord is lip gloss. It’s funny because I was watching a YouTube video by Wayne Goss on make up trends that need to go away for 2017, and one of them is the over utilization of lip gloss and I was like preach it sir! I hate lipgloss.

I was never a fan of lipsticks for several reasons. Firstly, I have dry lips; wrinkly at times when they’re absolutely chapped, but this isn’t always the case. Secondly, they don’t last and the ones because I could never test out drug store lipsticks, I just never bothered buying them. Instead, I developed a love for lip crayons/pencils and lip tints/balms. In fact, I even like liquid lipsticks used as stains over lipsticks. I never had a use for them, so I never would purchase them.  However, then came a product discovery from Ulta where testers were available.

Essence launched at Ulta in the year 2016, and if you’re an avid YouTube viewer, you’ll know that Essence is known in Europe and it came to the US very recently. Some of it’s more famous products that have been raved about include their mascara, brow gel, and the most recent craze, which I have to say is pretty awesome — their highlighter. For me, as much as these were interesting to try out in store, I actually was quite amazed by their lipsticks. For $2.99 for each product, you get a descent amount. It’s actually what threw me into a craze of lipsticks for a bit towards autumn 2016. Beginning last year, I had no lipstick. By the end, I have 6 (excluding my Marc Jacobs birthday gift from Sephora). The majority? Essence lipsticks.

Being a lover of nude lip products in general, all my colors are fairly in the nude range.


Top to Bottom: 05 Cool Nude; 03 BFF; 07 Natural Beauty; 06 Barely There

While liquid lipsticks leaves this dry matte texture on my lips, Essence lipsticks leaves a hydrating pigmented lip color that changes my look from an everyday normal look to something a lot more put together. During New Years Eve, I had dinner with family, and without putting on any make up what so ever (besides sunscreen and moisturizer), I put on Essence’s Sheer & Shine Lipstick in 03 BFF, and I looked put together in a way where you get a tint of color without extreme shine and gloss. It is what it says it is — Sheer but some Shine. BFF is perhaps the boldest color that I have from Essence (as you can see from above).

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, I’ve worn a few shades here and there. My newest shade of purchase happens to be Cool Nude in the Nude Longlasting Lipstick collection. My most used lipstick has to be 07 Natural Beauty & 06 Barely There from the Longlasting Lipstick line.

Now, I will say that they aren’t as long lasting as a lip crayon or pencil or even a liquid lipstick. Although the case, I think that as it fades, it does leave a bit of a color on your lips; not like a stain but color that allows your lips to not be your natural lip color. The fact that these lipsticks feel hydrating and are beautiful as nudes for the price point, I have to say this was a game changer for me in terms of make up and views of lipstick. I don’t carry make up with me throughout the day. Instead, I carry tinted lip balms if I need color. So essentially, a lipstick that leaves some color on my lips is a plus.

So there you have it, my first make up post of 2017. Let me know your thoughts about a blog post once a week in the order that I placed above. Did you have any make up surprises from 2016? Are there any make up products you want to try for 2017? Leave a comment and see you next week with a nursing student blog post! 🙂

See ya!


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