Nursing Student Series: Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is having a good 2nd week of the year 2017! This week is going to be a blog post on the Nursing Student Series..and in the flury of things, I didn’t even realize that when I scheduled randomly various series for each week, that this particular series would fall the the first week of my nursing program.

I wanted to dedicate the first nursing student series blog on the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (ABSN), as it’s the program I’m in and some people may be wondering about what an ABSN program is, workload, etc.

Prior to starting, when people found out that I would be quitting my profession job to go back to school to become a nurse, many asked me what an ABSN program was and had questions about the process of applying to said program.

Before considering an ABSN program, I want to start off by saying that an ABSN program is for those who already have a bachelors degree. It doesn’t have to be in a science or health science field. So long as the degree comes from an accredited university and has fulfilled all prerequisits required by the school, one can apply to an ABSN program.

Secondly, one ought to also consider life circumstances. The difference between a traditional Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and an ABSN, is the accelerated part. When I mean accelerated, I do mean that it is incredibly accelerated. Most BSN programs (where you do all nursing specific courses; NOT including general ed…long story short…someone told me they were in nursing school, but the reality was…they were in general ed to go to nursing school…no..doesn’t count…you have to do general ed to apply and be accepted to nursing school, NOT be in college to do general ed plus nursing…no, doesn’t work that way…) are 2 years long. Some may be 2.5, but for the most, they are 2 years long. An ABSN program does everything a BSN program does with the exception that it’s done in 12 months (i.e. A year). Yes, you heard me — half the time to complete all necessary requirements of a BSN. ONE and DONE.

My first semester has 10 classes. Overwhelming? Yes…I have 3 classes (technically 2 + a lab), and this was what I did before Friyay.

  • Completed a total of 7 chapter readings — all due by first day of class (for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw that I joked about Elle Woods from Legally Blond who was dismissed from class because she didn’t do the reading assignments). Of course no one got kicked out, it’s the first week of school…^_^’
  • 12 Clinical skills videos and TESTS (yes, 12 tests)
  • 1 Adaptive Quiz to prep us for the NCLEX-RN
  • 1 Paper
  • 4 Practice chapter quizzes to prep for the actual quiz (Due MLK day)
  • 2 Modules about patient safety
  • EMR Training for clinical rotations
  • 2 chapter study guides for next week’s quiz

My weekend —

  • 21 clinical skills videos for next week’s labs (includes a test on each — that’s 21 tests)
  • 1 Quiz (Due MLK Day)
  • 4 chapters for health assessment lab
  • 3 chapters for a lecture
  • 1 additional lecture health assessment lecture
  • 1 adaptive NCLEX quiz
  • 2 case studies
  • 1 Health assessment assignment
  • 1 paper (max 5 pages) on nursing ethics
Crazy me…the morning of my first skills lab…wet hair and all. Don’t worry the vain side of me kicked in and I did do my hair before lab..only to have to put it up since hair can’t be in the way when we care for patients. ^_^’

If you’re overwhelmed by this, I’m not sure what will. I recall multiple times this week of having moments where I’m freaking out about what I have to do and evaluating each day how I have to manage my time. Despite the intimidating amount of work that I’m doing, I do have to say that it probably will get more crazy before the calming happens next semester (sort of) and the fact that many people in my cohort have busier lives than me. Many are moms and dads. Need I say more? Besides raising a family, these guys are full time nursing students. It’s like SEAL training for nursing students who are parents.

As overwhelming as it may seem, time management is key to all that is due and what needs to be done. As my professors reassured — crazy? Yes…doable, definitely. An ABSN program wouldn’t be called an accelerated program if it weren’t accelerated. Thus, if you’re interested in a career changer and such happens to be the pathway of nursing, I want to encourage you to really look into the ABSN program because I can already say that I can probably have a roller coaster heck of a year. Yet, it will probably be an incredible experience that I can document in my life.

The mantra of our class is “By the end of this, you can do everything in 5 weeks.” Why 5 weeks? There are 5 week sessions, where courses are literally divided up Β to 5 weeks, so that each full semester is 15 weeks long. So, essentially right now, I have Health Assessment and Intro to Nursing for 5 Weeks. Then, I move on to another set of classes and so forth till May. Sounds like my anatomy class where I worked like crazy, go to class, study like crazy, take a test, attend lecture, and study again. That’s about the craziness that I’ve experienced this week.

Well, I hope this explains a bit about the ABSN program and the considerations one ought to think about before committing to the ABSN program. Given the craziness, do I have any regrets? Not yet…we’ll see….but all good things come from hard work right? I do think doing the ABSN is the right choice for me on a personal and professional level. THey say the first 10 weeks are the craziest…so I leave you with this.

1 week down…9 more to go…before “hell week” (technically 10 hell weeks) is over…

Until next month for another nursing student blog. If you have questions about getting into nursing school, let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to probably talk about my first 5 weeks which is the completion of one full set of classes.

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Nursing Student Series: Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    1. I totally agree. For us, we’re in week 3 now, and in 2 weeks, I’m onto new classes and clinicals. Phew! We ought to all hang in there..just think 1 in done! πŸ˜€ Hang in there Tia!


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