Planner Series: My 2017 Planners

Hey guys! I hope you are all enjoying the scheduled series each week! Last week, I had the Nursing Student series, which, honestly was quite unplanned such that the week that it’s Nursing Student series blog, it’s the first week of school Honestly, it’s been such a crazy holiday season and on top of that getting ready for nursing school has been…surreal and honestly not as much of a priority as Christmas and New Years came around. If you don’t know, essentially a lot happened during the season, and while for a majority it may be more of a stressful, for me, I lost someone so essentially, my priorities shifted. You simply have to just do what you can with the time you have. When there was time, I’d prepare. When there wasn’t, I didn’t.

This week, I’m doing the first blog post on the planners that I am using. Yes, you heard that from me — planners (not planner).

When I’m working professionally, I’m not the kind that uses planners. However, when I am in school, I find planners to be incredibly useful. Given the hecticness of the ABSN program (Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing), a digital planner at least for me just doesn’t cut it. Originally, I planned on using one planner, and it’s what I had used while I was at work. I purchased the below planner from TJ Maxx for $4, which, for the quality of the paper is incredibly good for the price.

Eccolo Monthly Planner; Size: ~ 7″x 8.75″



However, over the fall, I was introduced to something called the Passion Planner where one is able to utilize a planner with a schedule but an opportunity to write down things such as to-do’s, weekly wins/good things that happened, and so many other things that essentially sold me on the idea of trying out a Passion Planner. Normally, I’m not one who would spend $30 on a planner, to me that is an expensive purchase for a notebook of paper and printed tables. However, since my coworkers prior to quitting gave me a gift for school, I used some of that to purchase my new Passion Planner.

Now, before I go on and talk about how I’m going to utilize both planners, I want to share why I’m trying to get “on board” with the idea of utilizing a planner and “beautifying” one (my friend told me that beautifying a planner helps her use a planner). I’m like ok…that’s a motivation. However, I think the part that helped me see how such can be useful is seeing this planner as an opportunity to scrapbook about the events that occured for the year. That light bulb in my head literally went on. I’m not a scrapbooker by trade. But as one who wants to document my year in nursing school and utilize planning time with a planner as R&R time since I don’t anticipate much time doing some of my favorite things like playing on a band or sports or checking out YouTube videos like I use to, I was really excited to utilize a planner in such a way so that I really make a memory book of the year 2017.

Now, I’m not doing away with my digital planner. I think there’s a lot of use when it comes to a digital planner, especially when it comes to alerts. I’ve used Google Calendar, and I have to say, having tried out many digital planners, I love this the best. You can color code things and place markers for reminders. I really enjoy this and most definitely, this won’t be going away any time. In fact, I’ve been calendaring classes for the first semester.

My hardcopy calendars are different. Since starting in Public Health as a professional, I always had a monthly calendar planner. I’m not quite the fan of the Dollar Store planners because the paper is a bit too thin for me. However, I know people use those for practical reasons. That’s just not for me. The reason why I’m keeping this and am planning on using it is to see which one I really like for school. I’ve always used weekly planners for school, and if I wanted to really revert back to something practical, a monthly calendar like this is useful for me. If I want to sticker-ify this, I can because the paper is thick enough to hold it. As you can see below, for work I’ve utilized this in a way that I put down important meetings, site visits, and personal life events as well. So it’s worked out well, love this…this is my backup planner if I don’t like using my Passion Planner.

One of my busier months @ work; store make overs, site visits, conferences…let’s also add in a nursing school interview as well. O_O’

Now, the heart of this blog post — the Passion Planner. As I mentioned above, I was introduced to this by a friend of mine in August, and at first I was not buying this. I never got into the Erin Condrin or Michael’s planners. Firstly, the price point for these planners are incredibly high. I’ll buy make up for that price, but for a notebook with paper…I just wasn’t buying it. Secondly, the Erin Condrin and Michael’s planners, as pretty as they are [They are really pretty], they were just huge! I mean my goal is to ntry and not carry that much in my backpack. Besides books, a tablet, and a notebook, if a planner is the size of a mini textbook, I’m sorry, that’s just way too big and bulky.

So why the Passion Planner?

My new 2017 Passion Planner! I have this in size A4 (5″x8″; smaller of the two sizes)

I became more and more interested in this, not because of how artistic people have really utilized their planners, but the rave reviews of how people have developed the habit of goal setting in their lives. As someone who hasn’t been too interested in New Year’s Resolution (perhaps the 95% failure rate I’ve had when trying), I’m very interested in weekly goals. I’m a big believer of small steps leading to big leaps, so new years resolutions aren’t things that I believe in. However, small goals like a daily or weekly that’s something that I love about the passion planner. I like how there are monthly reflection sheets so that you can reflect on the week or just paste something that made the month memorable. The ability to create material out of paper in this way was what caught my eye. I saw many instagram posts from Passion Planner (@passionplanner, for those who are interested), I thought I’d give this a try this year. If it’s something that’s good, I do plan on repurchasing this again for the year 2018, because as you all know while I’m in the ABSN program for one year, I am planning to coninue on with school for another 1.5 years to become an FNP. The repurchase will be my Christmas gift to myself (although technically, in a very vain way, I also gift myself several beauty products. ^_^’…I’m so pathetic…). Here’s a picture from the first few weeks that I’ve had the planner. In addition, here are the stickers and cheap washi tape that I purchased at Daiso that I plan on using as a way to brighten up the pages. Again, it’s exciting to get creative with these pages.

Blank sample page of 1st week of January; Love Anton Chekhov’s quote as the opener of 2017 and right before start of nursing school.

Each month, I hope to utilize the Planner Series as an opportunity to share with you all how I’m using my Passion Planner, if I reverted back to my monthly planner, or if I stuck with more simpler methods (post its)/digital planner or Google Note. I think it’s related to my Nursing Student series, but I thought it was nice to really share another artistic side of me during nursing school. Again, I really want to utilize an hour or so a week (maybe less) to get creative with my planner as a method of R&R. We all know that despite being students with hectic schedules. Students are always in need of brief periods of R&R.

So there you have it guys! This is my first Planner Series Blog. Let me know what you guys want to see in the Planner Series. I have a few ideas besides showing and reviewing different things like stickers, washi tape, and planner material storage…but let me know if you guys have any questions about using a planner, and I can do a blog post on this. 🙂

See ya!


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