Photography: #TBT Meal before the Crazy

Before I started nursing school, I wanted to treat myself to a little something because, if you don’t know…nursing school can be pretty hectic.

Heck…I broke my own school mug the first day of school, broke a make up brush on the second, realized I ordered the wrong book on the third….can anything else go wrong? Luckily it didn’t and I survived my first week of school and of course now that we’re on the last week of January, the first month of it. 11 more months to go.

I wanted to share with you what I had the week before school started. I ate at a sushi buffet for lunch in a town called Vacaville, California. It is called Fuji’s, which is right across the street from another famous restaurant that was featured on Pixar’s movie, Up (Original location is Oakland, California) — Fenton’s! The funniest thing about this is this — I ate it on a Thursday. Thus, the post on a Thursday about a Thursday picture that I took. Hah!

I’ve always been a lover of sushi. My first try of sushi (California roll excluded) was in college as a freshman. Before that, I’ve never had Japanese food beyond a California roll). Since then, I’ve loved the faux version of sushi. Having traveled to Japan on 2 occasions with family, I do have to say that no sushi outside of Japan has ever brought me back to Japan except 1. This place — hole in the wall location in El Cerrito is the closest you can get….Tradition sushi does not come with many sauces let alone alvocado. Most of the time, sushi is the art of cooking the rice, the meat, seaweed, some fish cake, and small amount of wasabi. Now, wasabi and soysauce do make a bit of a difference than your average Kikkoman soysauce in the containers that you see. But for now, with sushi cravings before nursing school, this was a treat. The owners of this particular venue use to own a restaurant in Davis but has since relocated to Vacaville.

I had salmon sashimi amongst way too much other food. Thank goodness eating healthy was not a New Year’s resolution for me (if you looked at my previous post, not the kind to make resolutions at the beginning of the year). I caught this picture at the sushi bar right as the host came up to ask me: “Is everything ok?”

It was great honestly. Compared to the monotonous sandwiches and quick/easy dinners that I’ve been making to stay caught up with school, a sushi buffet is fit for anyone who’s had simple school food. Perhaps my next treat to myself would be after my finals for the first set of classes this semester.

That’s all I have for you for this week for my photo series. I took this with my IPhone 5 with no filters or alterations at all. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’ll see this as well!

See you all next week for a make up series blog!


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