Make Up Series: 5-5 Make Up (Student Edition)


I think it’s honestly the crazy student life that I currently have that made me take pictures of the make up I used with the brushes and forget to actually take a picture of what the actual look turned out. Any other student (nursing or otherwise) have those moments? Is it just me?

Any how, it’s been quite a while since I did a 5-5 make up blog. For those of you new to my blog, this is a blog series on utilizign 5 make up products to create a look in 5 minutes. It can be done folks! I’ve been a huge believer of make up used to enhance one’s features as opposed to using it simply to look “good” by creating a new mask to hide one’s imperfections, flaws, and what have you to create that “perfect” look. After all good and perfect is relative to each individual. On a personal level, when I do have some down time, if any, I do watch a YouTube video here and there before sleeping and I must say and applaud many YouTubers out there who are putting out videos of the “No Make Up” or skin like make up look videos where instead of creating faux freckles and full coverage canvas make up looks, they’re doing simple make up using fewer products to enhance their features. Claps to them, because honestly in real life, no one has Instagram looks done for work or school; if there is, well, hey…what am I to say?

So, for this look for a full day of school, I used the products below. Rather than simply collectively place make up in a single picture and brushes on another, I placed the brushes w/ the product so that you all can see what I used to apply to the face. Again, as a student, I took these pictures, and forgot to take the look pictures. Stupid me…at least I got a shot of it at the end of the day (see below for the final look).

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Primer: Smashbox Water Primer

Make Up:



Foundation: Make Up Forever’s Water Blend Foundation (It’s the actual bottle!! Gasp!) w/ a flat top Kabuki


Powder: Shiseido Loose Translucent Powder w/ Real Technique’s Powder Brush


Bronzer: Shiseido Oil Free Bronzer in Light w/ ELF’s studio small stipple brush (NOT the new Barely There stipple brush)


Highlighter: Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette (used all 3 colors; 2 lightest as a highlight, darkest for a bronze topper) w/ ELF’s studio small tapered brush


Brows: Tarte Brow Pomade in Dark Brown w/ Tarte’s angled brow/spolee combo brush


I took more time taking the darn pictures above than putting the make on. By the time I finished taking the pictures, I was nearly late for class which is about a 30 minute drive. GASP! I don’t even know if I took 5 minutes…to be honest, I did this in front of the bathroom mirror, and so long as my brows didn’t look super dark, it was honestly just like smack it on and gone! Not that professors are crazy about you being a minute late to class or anything, but for me, I like getting to class on time so that I can choose my seat, settle down, and just relax with some breakfast or a sip of coffee. Anywho…this may have had 5 products and I was suppose to use 5 minutes…that probably didn’t happen..I may have done under 5 minutes…

Funny story: First day of school — I actually got up late and left late. W/ those first day of school type of days where traffic is horrendous because other places are starting school as well, well..let’s just say, I entered an advanced nurse practitioning class rather than my class. Whoops… talk about embarassing. My face was burning red that day…and I didn’t even have make up on because I was that late. Very movie-esque in deed.

So here’s the final look. I wanted to show you a before and after look, where the before is a picture of me without make up and the after which, obviously there is make up. As you can tell, not all too different with few enhancing features just to make me look a bit put together. Excuse the hair…this was right after I worked out (which felt so good by the way…). I will say this though…I don’t think I’ll ever bring my Hourglass palette with me to the gym b/c it was so expensive and I really don’t want to break it. I will have to figure out an alternative for highlight or forego it altogether when I go to the gym/traveling. I love this palette and I’m not about to break it all for the sake of traveling. Perhaps I will have to buy that Essence highlighter which everyone raves about. I do have my Naked on the Run palette which has a decent highlighter and my Nyx one in the contour duo which…I hate….perhaps bringing it to the gym will motivate me to use it up (for those new to my blog, I try not to throw away items I don’t like because I buy all my products).

For all you ABSNers…here’s to Month 2 of school if you just started like me; for those further a head, rock on! For those of you who just started another semester in school, consider that Spring Semester has the most breaks to look forward to. And all my professionals out there, rock on…because we all know…things can get difficult.

Rock on y’all!


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