Planner Series: Review of the Passion Planner


Here’s to a new set of classes for the next 5 weeks.

I have to admit, before, while working, I thought 5 weeks was a lot of time. Given the hecticness of it all for nursing school, I must say..5 weeks goes by very quickly.

So I’ve been using the Passion Planner for a month now, and I thought I’d give my personal thoughts on using this for nursing school.

First off, I’ve been using this and Google Calendar nonstop. I pull it out ever day. In fact, what I’ve been really enjoying is the opportunity to really hone in on what I want to focus on for the week as well as the good things that have happened during the week. Given the craziness with school, having the opportunity to wind down to reflect is a blessing. Nurses are often taught to reflect about their day such as how they’ve treated patients, what they’re doing, did they miss something they could improve, etc. For me, reflection isn’t just something that one ought to do as a nurse, rather a habit that as a human being one ought to develop. We hate reflecting because it brings out truths. Yet at the same time, it helps us learn about who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, life, and how we can improve as an individual.

Secondly, the busy school schedule doesn’t allow me the same opportunities as before to do things that I enjoy. For instance, if I use to go do sports 3 days a week, I have to say that such doesn’t happen as often. I do make it a goal to try to make to the gym at least once a week, but the reality is that it’s been hard. Given that I don’t have such avenues as before (including fun days with friends & family or binge days of YouTube or Netflix/Hulu), getting to decorate and be creative with my Passion Planner has been that destresser that I really look forward to. While at times I do get overwhelmed when updating my planner with new deadlines and to-dos, being able to commemorate things like breaking my school water mug on the first day (happened) or freaking out over deadlines (also happened), putting stickers that pose as reminders of motivation or looking back and laughing at those moments (like breaking said mug) are honestly what I really like about the Passion Planner. You have ample space to put stickers and washi tape down. You can color block if you want (although I found this to be time wasting), You can also prioritize to-dos (I didn’t really like this aspect, at least the way it’s on the planner). Essentially, you can be incredibly creative with what you do with this, and for me, being an ISFP, this is the creative outlet that I have.

So, what is it about the Passion Planner that I don’t like? Because I’m so use to digital calendaring, I find the scheduling portion of the planner painstakingly unuseful. As you’ve red above, color coding and blocking out times is great for some. However for me, because I’m already on my digital calendar, I find blocking out times whether by pen or color coding with markers/highlighters to be repetitive. Because I already feel the time crunch with what I have to do daily, I tried out something I had seen on pinterest, which was to turn the scheduling portion to to do lists and due dates. For me, this is perfect. Rather than rely on post it’s, I can use the scheduling part for nursing school purposes. Now, where does it leave the left bottom portion of my planner where I can put personal & work to-dos? It’s not quite gone, as I can use such for my personal needs like grocery shopping etc. However, I think this does leave some space that I’m not quite sure I could use yet. Perhaps when I start clinical rotations, I can place some items here. Even then, I do think that this space may soon be a post it space for personal to-dos or miscellaneous notes.

Overall, I think the Passion Planner works for those who aren’t digital calendar peeps like myself. Because I calendar a lot over my tablet or computer, I find that if designers working at Passion Planner were to create a new type of formatting that’s additional to said current format, I may repurchase this in the upcoming year. Would I go to other popular planners on the market such as the Happy Planner or Erin Condrin Planner? No. I find those to be painstakingly giant and thick. Like my previous post, I already carry textbooks. Why would I carry a planner that’s the same thickness of a textbook? Insane. I must say, that I do enjoy the creative aspects of personalizing one’s planner with stickers and memories. It’s a great destressor and an opportunity when one looks back at moments such as school, you can actually find that such is now a “scrapbook” of memories with pictures, stickers, and crazy notations (whatever they may be). If I were to purchase a new planner for year 2018, I think I can go with a simpler cheaper planner. Yet, the downside to this, is that I’m missing out on the one aspect I do enjoy in the passion planner which is open ended reflections each week and the end of the month reflections, especially as they relate to goals set in the beginning of the year.

Hope this helps! I do love my Passion Planner, it’s just there are downsides, especially a busy bee as myself.



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