Photography Series: Light in a Storm

I have to say, the California rain has created quite the damper when it comes to finding inspiration to take any photos. While the lackluster weather and clouds can be quite the downer, sometimes there are moments where you can capture something.

For instance, like this picture. It’s the sun amongst the clouds, or a light in a storm.

For those who haven’t followed the news as of late, California has taken quite the hit when it comes to rain. We’ve had so much rain that flooding is evident in places that hasn’t experienced flooding in quite a while; dams that are on the verge of breaking; and levis that are potentially not capable of holding. Roads are being destroyed, sink holes are created, and there are a whole lot of things happening here in California that’s fairly devastating. I mean, an evacuation of nearly 200K happened a week ago.

So, when I see the sun…or there are breaks of rain that’s available here in California, I’m reminded that even rain is temporary (hopefully, crossing fingers). There’s definitely much infrastructure work for the summer. However, I’m glad for the temporary storms.

I haven’t had many storms (literal) in my life. Met my goal for the first 5 weeks of nursing school, hit a slight bump when I didn’t pass my math dosage exam, and have made a descent impression on my professors so far. A bump is a bump…and I’m hoping that the math test is that. Would I say that’s a storm? No. Frankly, there are a lot of people who are going through bigger issues like having to evacuate their own homes due to potential flooding…now that…that’s a storm….

Such is the inspiration for me….such a lovely view of the sun peaking through clouds.

This was taken by my IPhone 5 and I’m excited because I now have my Sony camera back. I’m hoping to use it when I have an opportunity in between breaks from clinicals and course work.


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