Photography Series: Inside Out

Happy last week of March!

So…during my last week of my last block (i.e. last week), I got to school early partly because one of my housemates chooses to make a smoothie at 4:30 in the morning. O_O….. Anyhow, I was at school early to cram for 3 exams, and some of you may have seen this photo on my instagram last week, and it is the picture you see above.

First off, this photo is unedited with no filter. I sometimes use a filter for instagram, but this photo was not altered in anyway and it was kinda cool. I actually wanted to capture the foggy look that was outside. It was one of those gloomy days that captured the right kind of color contrast of the grass and the redness of the building. However, what I took turned out to be quite cool too. Perhaps it’s even my mood a lot of times because I’ve been indoors so much rather than outside.

For clinical rotations, I see darkness and barely any light when I leave. Lunches are outside because it’s so nice outside. Because of my hectic nursing school schedule, I’ve also been studying a lot inside. How I still manage to go up a shade in foundation, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s lunches outdoors when there is an opportunity, because honestly, I do not know where I’m getting the sun…and I wear sunscreen too. So…shrugs.

This picture captures my life in so many ways that I’m amazed at how it turned out. The desire to be outdoors but being inside is captured in this, and that is why I’ve named this inside out. I’m indoors wanting to be outside, but for now, I can’t because I was studying.

I can’t wait till my first break after the first semester. I’m hoping to whip out my camera when I can. I know that I have plans already…which involves..yes, a break..but studying NCLEX questions as well…call me stupid for not utilizing my break…to actually take a break.

Any how! Here’s my photo! Let me know your thoughts! 🙂 Stay tuned next week all my make up darlings! I’m going to do a skin care post! See you next week!


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