Make Up Series: The Switcheroo! Skincare!

Hey guys! April Fools!!

Just kidding, there isn’t really anything about April 1 and April fools for you! I wish I were a prankster…but I’m not. I’m more of a goofball. ^_^’

This post is going up on April 1st, except I didn’t write this on April 1st because I am currently in the middle of a rotation. I’m actually going to do a Make up series blog post too this week. I posted the day before, since Friday is my “off” day. It’s not really an off day, I did go to the hospital to prep, but I did think it was cool to put up a series blog post on April 1st, so…here’s to skincare!

So, for those who have followed me since I started my blog site, you’ll know that I’m a minimalist make up user (though I do have quite the collection..haha), but I’m a huge promoter of skincare. There is no better time to be vigilant about skincare than when you are a stressed out student! Those dark circles? Bags? Coffee drinking days where it’s like your gold and your fuel all in one? Yeah..those days. Let me just say guys…there is no make up in the world that can help you if you don’t take care of your skin. Granted, nutrition is a biggie too.

So, what have I added to my arsenal of skincare? Or, what have I changed?

With spring, the heavier lotions and night masks have been phased out. In comes lighter creams, lotions, and masks, simply because spring and summer creates for me an oilier complexion.

My first and only night sleeping mask has been the Nude Advanced Renewal Overnight Repair mask. My sister got this for me a year ago for my birthday, and I love this! It was sold at Sephora for a while, but unfortunately, it’s not sold here in the US anymore. I think it’s unfortunate, because it’s a great product! It is a pretty thick lotion and it’s great for the fall and winter time. However, for the spring, I am trying the new (well, not that new, it came out here in the US, I believe in January or February 2017), the Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Mask gel. Can I just say…love…love…love! Those days when I have an exam or rotations (which are 12 hours long each day, on top of prep day), I wear this and it makes my skin look like I slept 8 hours, it looks rejuvenated, it’s just…amazing! Love this baby. Still love the Nude sleeping mask, but since I can’t get it anymore…once I finish, sorry Nude…but Shiseido skincare has been my go to.

I also have dark circles and sometimes bags from the lack of sleep. So for that, concealer does help, but for the month of March, I don’t have a concealer in my make up basket (feel free to look back at my March post on starting my montlhly make up basket, let me know if you want to see my April as well, a picture is coming up on my April basket via Instagram). So, with only foundation (or without), I am using what many Youtubers have raved about for a while last year, the Pur Cosmetics HydraGel Lift. I do use my Shiseido White Lucent for eyes, but I find that it doesn’t help me that much. If you guys don’t know, I’m planning on using up that eye lotion from Shiseido, but this is a product that sadly didn’t work for me, and I won’t be repurchasing that. For those who have a good eye cream, let me know, because I want to know what you are using, whether a student or not. The Pur Hydra gel helps brights and takes away the image of being without sleep. I really really this product and I think for myself, at least 5 out of the 7 days out of the week, I use this.

Other products in my arsenal haven’t changed much. Here and there, I do use my Body Shop Drops of Youth Serum. I also use the Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate Serum (a pre-serum) product that I use prior to putting on lotions and serums. It has a hefty price tag (i.e. the Ultimune by Shiseido), but it is worth every penny. If you have money to spend, and you want something that helps absorb product to it’s best ability, this baby here…worth it. 🙂

So there you have it! Again, skincare is quite a thing for me, especially because I am a student and also being in my 30s, let’s face it, I want to be a lot more vigilant when it comes to taking care of my skin. That means that I do spend quite more on this than on make up. However, I think that is a bit more of an investment than make up. Now, like I’ve always preached here on my blog, I don’t have the vast collection like many others out there. I’m a minimalist when it comes to application of make up. However, skin care plus good make up, means good skin for the face. 🙂

Stay tuned till later this week, when I give a review of the Clinique Superbalanced Foundation and how this fits in with my type of style of make up, on the go type of gal, and the no fuss make up that someone like me likes. 🙂 See you then!!


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