A little portfolio about me

Hi everyone, my name is Michelle, and this is my blog called PH Portfolio.

This blog has 3 main areas of focus — public health & medicine; photograph; and fashion (especially relating to healthcare professionals).

My background is that I have a masters in public health from Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health and I work as a public health professional in California. My areas of focus is to prevent and manage chronic diseases beyond the realms of traditional medicine. Interestingly enough, I’m also in the process of applying to physician assistant school to become an aspiring chronic disease champion while also practicing medicine as well.

One of my favorite hobbies includes photography (amongst other things). I find photography to be incredibly inspiring and aspiring as well. It’s true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I really hope that some of the pictures I post as a photo blog can be just that, inspire and aspire, bring about emotion and words that regular words and blogs just can’t.

Am I a fashionista? Far from it! I’m here to learn, give tips, but most of all, to bring updated fashion to the healthcare industry. As I mentioned in my first blog, much of fashion (love!) is often catered to so many different career professionals except healthcare ! The truth? Many healthcare professionals can’t last on heels for more than 2 hours.. That girl is ROCKIN if she can last 4 hours walking around the clinic or a hospital in those awesome 3″ pumps ! So, I’d like to bring a bit of fashion into the blog, because I’m betting that somewhere out there, there are some fashionistas out there in the healthcare profession, and I’m sure they are trying to rock out some pretty cool professional looks. So, this blog will incorporate some of that.

I hope that this blog will really inspire, aspire, alert and promote different topics that I’ll blog about, and hey…it’s a portfolio, so, I hope it’s a portfolio of some awesome things that are worthy of reading, analyzing, and reflecting upon. 🙂