Threading Up! My Review of ThreadUp

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to write this particular blog post because I was excited to try something new. This isn’t a sponsored post, but I’m always interested in trying new things when it comes to my wardrobe collection. I was doing some summer cleaning recently and normally, I often would go through my… Continue reading Threading Up! My Review of ThreadUp

On the go awesomeness

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! With Memorial Day and summer coming up, I wanted to do a blog about on the go items. Last year, I traveled a bit for work, outings with friends, and one day trips. With that said, I’m sure there are many people who will be traveling during these next few months.… Continue reading On the go awesomeness


Hello folks from rainy California! Yes, that’s right, it’s spring, and we are having April showers! With Spring here, a lot of times there are sales, and that’s definitely the case for many stores that are in the beauty and clothing business. With the availability of social media, I think what’s become apparent is that… Continue reading Hauling!

The Complete Look

    The older I get, the more I realize that a complete look doesn’t just have to do with clothing. Rather it’s the complete package, which of course means, that one’s face as to be made up to hide certain imperfections. Yes — this post, is about make up! Honestly, growing up, I was… Continue reading The Complete Look

Spastic Weather & Work Clothes

Hi everyone from the rainy Bay Area in California ! We’ve had some fairly interesting weather here in California — we’ve had moderate weather we experienced the high 70s, and we’ve had some brisk weather as well, which of course includes the interesting wind and rain that’s happening even now as I sit at a… Continue reading Spastic Weather & Work Clothes

Practicality v. Fashion

In Chinese, there’s a saying, we would die to look good. I wish I knew how to write the phrase in Chinese, but I’m not sure that’s quite possible, so, essentially, I’ll give the English translation of it. I recently traveled for business to a conference, and I decided, way before traveling that I wanted… Continue reading Practicality v. Fashion

Dressing to Impress

In the health profession, the way one dresses is just as important as anyone else in any business. Anyone in corporate most likely will dress in suits and formal business wear. It’s just what is required, especially when they meet with clients. The health profession is no different. A provider in a clinic will always… Continue reading Dressing to Impress