Dressing to Impress

In the health profession, the way one dresses is just as important as anyone else in any business. Anyone in corporate most likely will dress in suits and formal business wear. It’s just what is required, especially when they meet with clients. The health profession is no different. A provider in a clinic will always… Continue reading Dressing to Impress

Am I secure about food?

Everyone needs food, no matter how basic or complex. The fact is, our human bodies, as with all living organisms needs food. Yet, what has long been an issue, is that there are many people who are insecure about food. What this means is that, individuals or heads of households of a family often times… Continue reading Am I secure about food?

The Public Health Portfolio

Hello world of blogging ! I wanted to start a blog where I could talk about the world of public health, especially in the realms of chronic disease. I’ve done some research out there, and while there’s a lot of articles both academic and the news, I do think that there really isn’t many blogs… Continue reading The Public Health Portfolio