Make up and Public Health

Hey guys! I don’t think I ever expected to one day write a blog post on the two things that I incredibly love — make up and public health. It’s two topics, especially when I first started this blog that I hesitated for a really long time to write about, because they were apples and… Continue reading Make up and Public Health

Policy = World Peace!

In Miss Congeniality, I often laughed at the scene when all the beauty paegents who are in Miss USA would answer a question of what they want and everyone said “World Peace!” Except, of course, Sandra Bullock’s character. I recently watched a video of someone who worked abroad for a government agency mention that policy… Continue reading Policy = World Peace!

5 on 5 Simple Work Make Up

I’ve always been one to like simple natural make up. I barely started venturing into the red lip, so if that doesn’t tell you the kind of make up I’m into, then I don’t know what does. Being the non-morning person that I am, where a cup of coffee is needed to be nice to… Continue reading 5 on 5 Simple Work Make Up

Blog v. Vlog

Hey guys! Happy weekend! Go Warriors for winning Game 3!! So, a while ago, I was having a conversation with someone about writing a blog as opposed to vlogging (video log/diary). So, I thought I’d share my own views on why I am choosing to write a blog instead of vlogging on YouTube. When I… Continue reading Blog v. Vlog

Disservice to Public Health

If I ever have the opportunity to have kids, I really want them, boy or girl to have play with building contraption like toys. The things that came to mind, when I was a kid that fall in this category include Legos, K’Nex, etc. I find that these toys bring about creativity, problem solving, building… Continue reading Disservice to Public Health

Holy Grail: Shiseido products

While I’ve shared many products that I’ve used in past blogs, I thought I’d share some of my holy grail Shiseido products that I haven’t only used for a month/few weeks, but these are products that I’ve used for YEARS. It’s funny to me that many vloggers/bloggers often talk about holy grail products, at least… Continue reading Holy Grail: Shiseido products

Forum Anxiety

Hi guys! Happy Hump Day! I have to admit, today, I am exhausted. I’m not sure if it’s because I started taking an accelerated summer class after an 8 hour work day or a lack of sleep due to several commitments that I have where I’m up earlier in the mornings. Anywho, before I go… Continue reading Forum Anxiety